There was a large orchard in one big estate,
And a large tree stood in the middle of that orchard.
Gigantic was it and beautiful to behold.
It was a source of delight to the land lords,
And they proudly showed it to all their visitors.

The large tree was loved by everyone but one,
The orchard man.
He reasoned that his work would be lighter,
In the absence of the tree which littered the whole orchard.
And he devised his means.

He orchestrated his plan.
And got the large tree withered off.
Indeed, his work became lighter,
For there was no tree to litter the orchard,
And thus more time to himself.

His shock came one day,
When the lord of the estate told him,
That his service will no longer be needed
Because, the tree that necessitated his employment was gone.
No tree droppings, no orchard man.

At last he discovered
That it was the tree that gave him the job
For what will be his need, but to clean the mess of the tree
Thus, he destroyed his purpose in the large estate,
With his own hands.

My brother, this is the message,
That before you take that move,
Be sure you are not destroying purpose.
That torn in the flesh may just be leading you to your purpose.
Don’t destroy your purpose.

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