“Nowadays, everybody wants
to be in control, trying to be
a leader when they have never
really followed; (they have)
got no information and no
direction and way too much

This is the lyrics of a song I love so much, ‘Love you that much’ by Mary Mary, and that’s because it portrays one fundamental truth and error of this generation – pride.

Ask any tourist and you will be told that the best way to enjoy any voyage in an unknown territory is to have a guide. This is equally true of life as life is a series of journeys. The best way you will be able to meander through successfully is to consult those who have gone ahead.

Paul Harvey said “in times like these, it is helpful to remember that there have always been times like these.” An understanding of this truth will save you a lot of headaches and heartaches. And the knowledge that there have been times like these should move you to seek counsel from those who have gone through the path before.

We all agree that experience is the best teacher, and a wise man added, but it isn’t necessary that the experience should be yours. As I said earlier, you will be saved a lot of heartaches if you follow the example of others. There are people around who can help out, seek them. Have mentors for yourself; the Bible stated the need for counsellors (mentors) in Proverbs 11:14 and went ahead to repeat it in Chapters 15:22 and 24:6; in the mouth of two or three witnesses, the truth shall be established.

Apart from persons nearby, you also have people who have gone ahead to put down their experiences so as to help you start from where they stopped. Let what was once said that “if you want to hide a thing from a black man, put it in a book because he will search everywhere for it except in a book” not be true of us. There are many books that have been written on almost every area of life, let’s avail ourselves of this vast opportunity. Hear this, no generation has ever had the luxury of the great mass of knowledge we have access to, even Aristotle would have begged for the opportunity to live in this age.

Think of how backward the world will be if every scientist rather than build on the works of earlier scientists decides to start all over from the beginning. This is what some people are trying to do by not having anyone as a guide; the journey of life will be very harrowing without a guide.

In conclusion therefore, I am encouraging you to read books on specific subjects as well as biographies. I also advise you to have mentors for yourself, people you can look up to (not to imitate). My spiritual father, Bishop David O. Oyedepo said “leaders are ladders; they are not to be copied but rather to be followed.”

The problem of our generation is pride. Many people feel too big to say they are following after someone but remember that if you are too big to serve then you are too small to lead. Even the Apostle Paul enjoined us to be ‘followers of him, even as he followed Christ’ in 1 Corinthians 11:1. If you want to lead, start by following someone today.

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