Will a night of tributes be held for me?
Will MUSON throw its doors open for the celebration of my life?
Will the nation mourn me?
Will the flags fly at half mast?

Will NTA make a documentary?
Will a flick be made?
Will this life inspire a book?
Will generations unborn be told of my moments?

Will there be a minute of silence for my departed soul?
Will kings and governors bid me farewell?
Will crocodile tears flow freely by my graveside?
Will they rejoice that I ever came?

Will my estate become a subject of litigation?
Will my wealth tear my children apart?
Will she miss me dearly?
Will another warm my bed better than I did?

Oh mortal man, why troublest thyself with vain thoughts?
Man is like to vanity, his days are as a shadow that passeth away.
Man’s life is but a vapour, that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away.
Make the best out of life, whilst thou art still here.

Lord, these be my prayers:
That I die fulfilled.
That I leave not before my time.
And that my spirit may rest in Abraham’s bosom.

One thought on “WHEN I’M GONE

  1. Truly excellent, bro. Always thought I was the only one whe wouldn’t ask for long life.

    Why concern ourselves with impossible plans of living forever when we can focus on the realistic goal of living well? I’d rather be a bleeing that a monument!

    Great post!


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