Every time the Facebook App “Classmates” sends me a message with their catch phrase – “your classmates are moving up in life” I chuckle. I say to myself, you don’t say. Not just my classmates, my friends are moving up in life, taking strategic positions in the game of life. Its really a thing of joy to see one’s friends move up in life. As much as possible, I get in touch with them, interact with them and pick the things that I can from them. I have learnt that no man can survive as an Island, so I sought an avenue to share my friends’ thoughts with you.

From time to time, I will invite my friends to share out of their depth on this blog. So, debuting on this category “FRIENDS” is someone I have known for about a decade now, Omotola Fawunmi
Lead Consultant, Project STRETCH
(Speak.Train.Read.Enlighten.Test.CHange), Human Development Enterprise.

Late last year, a lot of things were not giving me the results I wanted. In several areas of life, I really did struggle. Sometimes on a high, sometimes on a low.

Around me I saw people who were constantly on a high and oozed passion with everything they did. They had admirable families, were surrounded by friends, had the respect of their enemies and were never in constant worry about money, irrespective of the time of the year.

They seemed in control of their LIFE. How? I asked a lot of them.

The secret was in a WRITTEN STRATEGY, an honest appraisal of strengths and weaknesses and a commitment to doing what was required for the change they wanted.

I discovered many had a notebook of sort where scripts of the outcomes of their life were written in “TO DOs,” goals and STRETCH goals. They were deliberate about the outcomes of their lives and gave generously of their time and resources.

As a young woman who learns more by observation, I decided to write my own SCRIPT. I got my notebook, found a quiet place, turned on some inspiring music, watched a slide show of pictures of my desirable future and began to SCRIPT my Life.

1. I wanted to Earn a 6 figure income from using my voice:

Today: I have earned from Speaking engagements, Training Facilitation for individuals, organisations and Institutions.

I have earned from Voice overs for: Ads, documentaries and Telecom Ives.

I even did a short film for a competition in a US film academy.

I am working on a song in studio, I’ll let you know when it launches.

2. I wanted to be a Speaker,or at least attend the conference

In FEB I was invited as a TEDx Speaker and Spoke to a wow audience in April. (You can view the talk here. she speaks on ‘Are we angry- sustainable human development’

3. I wanted to grow in confidence and banish esteem issues forever.

I consciously introduced myself to people and situations that appeared better than me. I was not intimidated by the progress my colleagues and associates were making. I learnt from everyone and was the better for it.

4. I wanted to host the LIFE SKILLS ACADEMY in Lagos to help others discover and use life rules. An experiential learning plan with targets and results.

In April we hosted the first Lagos Edition (previous ones held in Osun and Kogi States).

Here is a Testimony from a participant.

‘”OMOTOLA FAWUNMI: A CATALYST indeed!!!A Catalyst in this context, is one that causes or accelerates a change. I was your student (I am proud to say it) at the Taster Edition of the Life Skills Academy organised by Project Stretch in April ’12. At a time when I was filled with depression and dimming hope, Seun Abiodun(God Bless You) sponsored me for this program (i’m not ashamed to say it). I came with mixed feelings – doubt and hope (infact I slept off sef during the session, lol) but at the time I was wide awake…I was alive! Then you gave us some video clips of two heroic men Pistorius and Vjovic (did i get it right?) and that sprinter who lost balance at an Olympic but got a huge reward of support from his greatest fan – his father (play dat clip next edition o!). These video clips were all i needed to get my hopes back. Tears ran down my eyes and I got home with the thoughts and tests you handed to us (Self-Appraisal Tests) which I still refer to till today. I went through them and I understood myself better… Let me not say everything.

If you are like me that needed a spark for the rocket (‘coz i am a rocket) to shoot, you need Omotola Fawunmi and Life Skills Academy, she is a spark!! Heaven will PROMOTE U.

This Academy took me through the Job interview for an Oil & Gas Coy, and brought me the Victory I craved (I am now living large!!), those times of worry are over… I can look back and say You are indeed a Catalyst to me and this Generation… Keep the Fire burning,No Holds Barred for You,girl!!!”

-Temidayo Esther Dahunsi

Imagine my Joy!!!

One last thing!

I wanted to be reported by the Guardian Newspaper,

Yay!!! STRETCH Life Skills Academy was announced in METRO Section of the Guardian of AUG 27, 2012.

Need I say more!

Write Your Own Script.

Live Your Best Life Today!

You can follow her on twitter – @omotoola

The LIFE SKILLS ACADEMY Opens Again with a wow faculty.


‘Life Strategies for Winning Always.

With tea break, lunch, networking, assessment tools and Certified coaches to help you craft your winning life plan.

VENUE: NDM Center opposite Diamond bank, IKOSI rd, Oregun, Ikeja.

Send registration details to,

FEES: N10,000 Only

Hear this, is offering a discounted seat of N3,500 (N6,500 off). To enjoy it send an essay of not more than 500 words titled “I need a spark” to not later than 6 PM on Monday, 3rd of September, 2012.

One thought on “LIFE IS A SCRIPT

  1. Wowz! That’s a lot you’ve got going; great stuff. Somt of it features on my agenda too. Just gotta stick with the process. Soon, veeeery soon!

    Good job, Seun. Excellent choice for an opener!


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