Dear hacker,
I can’t really say that I’m happy writing you this letter. There wouldn’t have been a need for this if your infamous acts of this week (hacking http://www.sagaysagay.com twice!) didn’t take place.

Dear hacker, first of all, introduction. I’m a friend and colleague of Sagay, the man whose blog you hacked first on Monday, 19th of November and then again on Friday, 23rd of the same November. People say I’m blunt, but I see myself as just being sincere. A colleague said I’m just natural. It depends on how you see it but I just want to tell you my plain mind.

Dear hacker, Sagay is someone I have known since 2004 when I gained admission to study law at the Obafemi Awolowo University. Yes, Sagay is a lawyer, not just a humorist, in case you didn’t know already. My love for writing took me to “Ife Law News Xtra,” where he was an editor. And, we have been rolling since then. So, I can pretty say I know him well. He is a fine gentleman, one of those I can say cannot hurt a fly, and this is one of the reasons why I’m the more surprised. Why did you choose to hack such a man’s blog, and here is a blog where nothing but fun is shared?

Dear hacker, I was surprised when I read on Sagay’s facebook page on Monday morning that his blog was hacked. I took it for a joke until it was proven otherwise. Everyone couldn’t understand what devil would hack a humour blog. To cut the story short the site was recovered even though you lied that you released it. However, the harm was already done, Sagay couldn’t post his usual #blognesswednesday on his blog. He had to go beg for another platform.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement when I read yesterday morning that you had hacked the blog again. You hacked one blog twice in one week, what a soul-less hacker you are, I thought! However, as a firm believer in natural justice, I wanted to hear your own side of the story, but since you are faceless, the only place I could hear from you was on twitter, through your own tweets. You wrote on your TL that you hacked the blog a second time because you were ignored by Sagay. So, I contacted Sagay to know what you meant.

Dear hacker, I feel your pain. We all love to be given attention. After telling me what transpired, I told Sagay that I believe he was wrong to have ignored your DMs. I also don’t like when people ignore my DMs or pings. I know how it hurts, you must have felt useless. Pele, dear.

Dear hacker, but come to think of it, maybe Sagay was just being human afterall by ignoring your DMs. You hacked his blog for no just cause in the first instance, gave no reason for your act, rendered no apology, showed no remorse but rather bragged about your hacking skills, terming it operation #takeover and still boasted of your plan to take over more people’s blogs. When the blog was recovered, you added a lie – said you released the blog. You saw nothing wrong in all these and went further to request for a follow-back from your victim and he willingly did.

Dear hacker, have you ever heard that “with great power comes great responsibility?” If not, you need to see the “Spider-man” movies and learn from Peter Parker. It still amazes me that you hacked to get attention from Sagay and the rest of the world (yes, you are now popular, clap for yourself) and then hacked again to get at him when your DMs were ignored. To think that this skill you have is the same one being used by Julian Assange and his team at wikileaks to expand our thoughts about freedom of information globally beats my thinking. Assange is using his skills to advance a noble course worldwide and you are here infringing on someone’s Intellectual property with flimsy excuses.

Dear hacker, your act is a display of gross irresponsibility. I think you need to learn at the feet of responsible hackers to see how your skills can be used to benefit your fellow-men. While we wait for your change of heart, all I can say with respect to your defence for this nefarious acts of yours is – thank God you are not God.

Dear hacker, in concluding, here is a piece of advice. You need to be very careful so that “your monkey does not play beyond the leafy parts of the tree.” Hacking is highly regulated as it has its own “do’s and don’t’s.” We also have laws in this land that can be used in fighting the menace your kind poses. The cyber-world is an open community and you can be traced. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

Yours’ sincerely.

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