“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein


Happy new year.

It’s the first post of the year on the blog and while I would love to admonish you to set goals for the year, I wouldn’t want to go deep into that because previous posts have touched on the subject. You can read this and this on goal settings and how it helps. One word before I move away from goal settings – no one succeeds by mistake. Part of the problems of this country is that we are a country of wishers! Success belongs to those who take steps towards it. If you want to reach a new height, try and follow the advice of one of the smartest men that ever walked this space – make a change!

In 2014, I said we would have a minimum of two posts per month on this blog. I kept to that, save for two months where we only published an article each. Nevertheless, we still went ahead and gave you twenty-four posts on this blog last year.

The blog statistics showed that viewership increased by 42% over that of 2013 and that the blog was viewed in 62 countries around the world! So, here is saying thank you to everyone that made the year an impressive one for this blog. A very big thank you to those who read and shared the posts.

A big thank you also goes to Douglas Oyakhire, Bernard John Terna and Opeyemi Tegbe for sharing their write-ups with us on the blog. Let me also specially thank Oke Adewuyi and Emcee who reblogged some of the posts. Thank you to Akinbobola Akintomide who helps with the domain name payment.

We will continue to build on the lessons learnt in 2014, so that we can serve you better in 2015. Now, you can send your comments, enquiries and suggestions to seunaladeblog@gmail.com. It’s one of the new ways to take the blog to the next level. And we hope to continue the sweet ride on the blog this year.

Once again, happy new year.

I am @seunalade on twitter.
Send your comments, enquiries and suggestions to seunaladeblog@gmail.com.

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