My today doesn’t describe my tomorrow, it only leads to it.
– ‘Seun Alade

Happy new year everyone.

For those who have been regular readers of this blog for a while you would have noticed that in the past years the first blog post for the year provides a review of the blog stats for the previous year. As usual, the year 2015 stats for this blog were released by the WordPress team a few days ago but we wouldn’t be having a detailed review. And that is because the views in the past year was less than those of year 2014.

However, the stats wasn’t all shades of bad. The item on the stat that got me most excited was that the blog was accessed in more countries of the world this year than ever before – 80 countries!

80 Countries!

It therefore means that our reach is greater and fan base larger *winks* And in this new year, we shall strive to harness all the potentials in such a massive reach. Allow me use this opportunity to say thank you to the friends and readers who share blog posts around the world. We couldn’t have reached 80 countries without you. THANK YOU.

The reason why the views went southward isn’t far fetched. In 2015, the blog had fewer posts. As you would have noticed, I took a long break from writing and sharing on this blog since early last year. We had just 8 posts last year and the last post was in June! This poor outing was due in large part to the high demand on my time by work and real life issues.

Another reason for the long break was the fact that I had a crisis, call it a mid life crisis if you want. It was something that destabilized me and almost shook me to my foundation. At the onset, I felt like leaving civilization behind and settling for the life of a hermit. Yes, it had that feeling for me. However, thank God for God and family, within the space of a few days I was back on my feet. I was better but still couldn’t get myself into the mood suitable for writing for the blog.

The reason I mentioned the crisis part is because of the lesson I learnt from the situation. Not because I crave sympathy, if that was it – I would have put up a BBM status or a post on Facebook and twitter that would draw people’s attention while in the midst of it. But I never did that, would never do that. I don’t believe that my private life should be on social media, so I rather have fun and just discuss issues of common public interest there. 


So what lesson did I learn? I learnt that life would sometime knock you down but you must never let life knock you out. You must always find your way back into the ring. And that’s exactly what I have done. In the midst of it all I still carried on with life like all was fine because eventually all will be fine. Notwithstanding the fact that I wasn’t blogging, I still deemed it necessary to renew the blog domain name subscription and pay in the midst of the whole USD-Naira rate brouhaha.

I learnt that I mustn’t allow present happenings distract me or derail me from future goals. That I mustn’t allow my today mar my tomorrow. That I mustn’t allow the colours of today decide my painting of tomorrow. That I mustn’t allow present realities dictate my future because my today doesn’t describe my tomorrow, it only leads to it.

No one prays for crises but they are are a part of life. Crises offer us rare moments to realize who and what is important i.e the people and things that really matter. And this brings me back to writing. Writing, for me, is a passion. It is one thing I have joy doing even though I’m not paid for it, now. Today is preparation for the tomorrow when writing will be fetching me money. I’m hopeful that this year would be a very great year. Its the turn of a decade for me and my hopes are well alive.

This is praying that God spares us of negative disruptions in our plans and goals. Once again, happy new year.

I am seunalade

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