Just yesterday, I felt like a tourist guide,
That thoroughly knows the way,
But today I feel like a child,
Totally lost in the hay.

Yesterday, I felt like I had a detailed map,
That clearly shows the path,
And can fill every gap,
But today, I see that I only know but a part.

Now, it seems like I am standing on the brink of the ocean,
Seeing vast bodies of water but knowing not the end,
I feel like I just arrived a new nation,
And still praying God a help to send.

I am truly awed by these new revelations,
Of far better and greater things HE has in stock,
They are way beyond my imaginations,
And did almost put me in shock.

One by one like the petals of a blossoming rose,
HE reveals in me HIS every plan,
And when I thought I had reached a close,
Greater points HE makes me earn.

Today I feel like I am the servant with five coins,
Who still got another coin plus,
Because he had brought in so many gains,
Where others have brought only loss.

The depth and height of HIS plans I know not,
But as HE unfolds them I obey,
Knowing I will sustain no hurt.
As I follow in HIS way.

I am really in awe,
As HE unveils HIS great plans for me,
But I am glad HE who knows all,
Is the one telling me all I can ever be.

All I can be,
Is way beyond the boldest of my own guts,
Truly, all I can ever be,
Is way beyond the chiefest of my own thoughts.

Beyond my wildest imaginations,
Beyond my feeble being,
Are HIS revelations,
Of all HE wants me doing.

More than I think I can ever be,
HE is ready to make me,
Just do as I bid, HE tells me,
For I alone know all you can ever be.

All we can ever be is decided by the God who sees no limitation,
Won’t it be great if we all embrace this great revelation?
All we then need do is to throw off every frustration,
And simply await HIS manifestation.

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