My undergraduate days in the university were filled with many memorable happenings and I reminisce them with nostalgia. Some of those happenings were wonderful, while some were actually absurd but they belong to my past which I no longer have any power to alter but only to look upon, learn from and build upon; and so I remember them all, the good, the bad and the ugly, as part of the good old days. I had the rare privilege of attending a school that stood for courage and strong will, even though you may term it radicalism, – “greatest Ife.” Not that I was into aluta but I like it when people are able to stand up for their right notwithstanding whose ox is gored.

I will be sharing one of those instances of my good old days to drive home a point. It was one of those occasions when you have a big star come to perform on campus, and the star in this instance was Gbenga Adenuga who brought the show “Headroom Africa” to us for free. Gbenga had to make a point and it was becoming rather long and the outspoken set of students popularly called “Awo boys” at a point could no longer stomach the delay and being eager for the show proper to begin, they started chanting one of the popular numbers of Dipo Sodipo which goes thus:
“se ohun to se ore mi ojo nlo ×2(do what you have to do, time is clicking
Eyi to ba se la o royin, (you will only be remembered for what you do
se ohun to se ore mi ojo nlo” (do what you have to do, time is clicking).

I had to recount this scene particularly because of the song which drives home a salient point – that the world will only remember you for your actions rather than inactions. No one cares about whatever excuses you offer in trying to justify your inactions. The world only celebrates results, not excuses.

This is a clarion call to every one of us to begin doing those things we ‘feel’ called to do because we don’t have the luxury of time. Indeed, time is not on our side. No matter your anointing you have only got 24hours in a day, no more, no less. This ultimately means that your total number of years on the earth is being used up gradually. Even if you have 120 years to spend on earth, before you know it your family will be at your burial singing “a o pade leti odo” or “ile lo lo tarara” because your time on earth is up.

However, the use to which you put time matters a lot. The song and the scenario narrated above came to my mind and brought with it the call for me to be up and doing, and it is that same message that I pass along to you. More importantly, this message comes to you aptly if you are delaying in starting because you feel your little steps won’t make much impact. I like to remind you of the words of that great motivator, Zig Ziglar, he said,
‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.’

The truth is that you have to start and the time to start is now! The time will never come when buildings are built from the top, they must always begin from down. Start doing that thing now and it will grow. Skyscrapers ‘grow’ from their lowly foundations in the earth to their enviable heights in the sky! We have been enjoined not to despise the days of little beginnings. Your little steps are the seeds that you sow for that great future of your dream.

All of the big corporations that we see today started small and grew big. Consider any of the Fortune 500 companies and you will realize that none of them started big. Neither General Motors nor Coca-cola started great; even Microsoft, Apple and MacDonald’s all started small. Starting small is a universal law that transcends boundaries and regions, even our own Dangote started small!

A child first learns to crawl before walking, even the world’s fastest runner started in life by taking little steps! It is always one small step before another, and then gradually the big picture appears. Never be afraid to take those little steps of yours. Illustratively, consider the fact that while walking you can’t take two steps at the same time (the result is that you will find yourself on the floor!); it is always one step before the other.

I believe it is safe to draw my conclusion on this piece with the words of Martin Luther King Jr. who said,
‘if you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl; just make sure you keep moving.’
Never be stagnant or afraid to take little steps. If you can’t fly today, why not try running? Today, you may not be able to take those big steps you desire but don’t be afraid to start where you are and in a short while you would have grown into that “big boss” you desired.

If you, my friend, are still wondering on when best to start, it is now. The time is now.

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