“The best life was not handed to me, but this one life I have got I will make it count.”
-‘Seun Alade

Since I started this blog, every year I try to come up with a birthday post. And today’s post is dedicated to all my friends too numerous to count or mention.

When it comes to birthdays I tend to take a somewhat Jehovah Witness approach to it. My birthday is a solemn day for me. It’s a day to reflect on the decisions I have taken in the course of the past year(s) and also try to peep into the coming year(s). A time to look at how strong I have fared and how weak I have been. A day to consider what boy I was and the man I am becoming. A time to look at where I have failed and where I have succeeded. A day to consider how firm I have stood and how badly I had fallen.

In the short time I have spent on earth I have felt deep pain and great joy. I have known the depth of sorrow and I have known the height of gladness. I have cried and I have laughed. Believe you me, this is not a practice in antonyms. I have felt things I may never be able to say, let’s say – I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death.

As an introvert, I try to hide my pains. If you are an introvert, you know that your mind is your best friend and your privacy is your biggest party. So, I may strike you like a happy-going fella with no issues, don’t be deceived, maybe I’m just good at concealing my feelings with a smile. Some friends say – if you’re ever looking for Seun go find him on twitter and so you might think that’s where you find me, wrong. You’ll need to pierce through this heart to find me.

I have been at points where I tried to share my pains and it seemed no one understood. What do I do? Go back to try fix it myself. You see, only God can feel and touch some pains. And through it all, God has been faithful. While in the university, for about two years I had an hand-written copy of the hymn “What a friend we have in Jesus” in my wallet and I carried it everywhere I went and looked up at it when I needed to.

Its been a great experience, thank God for Jesus, the ever present friend. And also, the wonderful human friends I have got. There are days when it seems like Jesus is far away and the ones who can help you through are the friends around. And boy ol boy, I have been blessed with friends. And they are so many that I won’t bother to mention any name. You know yourselves. They are the ones who make this day worth celebrating. The ones who will make me feel like I can defeat Jonathan in the 2015 elections. The ones who give me reasons to smile. The ones who fix the rainbow in the sky. The ones who commend me now and then. On this birthday, my shout outs go to you my friends. When I count my blessings, I always thank God for blessing me with so many friends.

I have always wanted to do a post to appreciate all you my friends and today I get an excuse to do that.

What does it feel like to be 28? Let me find out.

I am @seunalade

4 thoughts on “28 YEARS AND COUNTING

  1. Seun, where’s my cake. Sorry to have missed your birthday. October 25th? Same day we remember dad’s ascension.

    Long life and prosperity brother. And of course, you should be president above “you know who”. Cheers


  2. This was straight from the heart, bro. And, of recent, my appreciation for heartfelt expression has spiked. It just felt like you ripped a lot of this from my mind.

    I’m not much a “birthday” person – often time, I forget – but, there are always those days when one sits to take stock.

    On those days of honest introspection, it’s not strange to find our besetting threats and inherent weaknesses threatening the very purpose of our existence. We can, however, find strength in those who have made a point of being there for us!

    Happy [belated] birthday, bro!



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